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Fog and Nature


Bridget has a really unique skill of always leading me to a place of feeling simultaneously energized and really nourished. I think this is partly because her classes are physically challenging but she intentionally offers choice in variations, so it feels personalized. Her classes are creatively sequenced and informed by her strong understanding of functional anatomy.


I'm an intermediate yogi and have been going to Bridget's classes for a couple years now. They're challenging without being intimidating and she finds cool and interesting ways to transition between asanas. She often offers multiple variations of the same pose, so that if you want to, you can push yourself a little bit. By the end of her classes, I'm always feeling energized and confident. Bridget's also a great teacher and has a rad playlist to go with every practice. 


If you're looking for a fun and challenging flow, take a class with Bridget! She is very knowledgeable about yoga and always there to help when you need an adjustment. I always leave class feeling peaceful and satisfied! You won't be disappointed. Bridget is a wonderful teacher <3


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